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Company Hierarchy

A warm welcome to the company hierarchy section of the web site.

Is your ambition to climb to the top of the corporate ladder? Be the next greatest, big company Chief Executive Officer or are you quite happy as you are working in a role that you enjoy and are passionate and knowledgeable about? Or perhaps none of the above match your aspirations.

If you are keen on advancing yourself in the corporate world then moving up that ladder might not be as important as it once used to be. Many modern organisations are now adopting much more flexible, matrix and project driven practices of working.

Company Hierarchy Has Reduced In Significance

Hierarchies in businesses are reducing in significance. There are most likely always going to be reporting lines so that individuals can be assessed, appraised and have someone as a go-to person, but generally to get projects completed in our modern business world it’s more about whose best for a particular job and this is often regardless of location with many teams operating across many countries across the globe.

Flexibility Is The New Norm

It’s now more about getting the right skill sets and the right subject matter experts (SME’s) all working together. So much more flexible and fluid than that of a typical hierarchy.

Different people need to be able to take the lead depending on the particular circumstances of a project at a particular point in time.


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The team members with the most skills and experience in a particular discipline should be expected to take the lead and direct other members of the team at the moment in time that their knowledge, skills and experience is most needed for the project in progress.

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