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A warm welcome to the leadership section of the web site, which the Oxford English dictionary defines as:

the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this.

I have split this section of the site into a number of key subject areas. Each subject area acts as a container for a set if articles on the particular topic.


The subject areas include:

Team Building

Teams and team building is a highly important subject area when it comes to leadership as without a team you only have yourself to lead. Please take a look at the team building subject area for a number of articles on this fascinating subject.

Leadership Behaviors

What behaviors are required to be a first class leader? Behavioral aspects are another important aspect of leadership. Check out the articles in leadership behaviors to learn more.

Leadership Skills

Then I also have a section including a number of articles on leadership skills, traits and characteristics.


Being able to motivate both yourself and your team is important for any leader. Includes a number of articles on the subject of motivating.


Finally I have included an article containing quotes that I find interesting as I continue my research on the subject and a section on online degrees and learning.


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