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My Morning Routine

On this page, I intend to document my morning routine. This will be a working document and therefore should improve and update over time.

My morning routine is based on the ideas from the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, but at the end of the day, it is personal to me. I do however like the idea of sharing it with the rest of the world should they so choose to read it! 😁

my morning routine

So using the heading set out in the book…

Current morning routine.

  1. Get up hopefully, relatively early, and without an alarm clock, I generally need a minimum of 7 hours sleep otherwise I am a real grumpy git. My smart watch tells me how much sleep I’ve actually had.

  2. Weigh yourself

  3. Drink a pint of water

  4. I brush my teeth, take all my various Costco supplements, shave, take a cold shower, get dressed, and go downstairs

  5. SILENCE: Do at least 20 minutes of the Wim Hoff breathing technique. I love doing this as it energizes me and makes me feel fit and lively.

  6. Make a large latte

  7. EXERCISE: For now, start simple with 10 press-ups and 10 sit-ups. Later add Yoga, treadmill, and then maybe more reps for press-ups, and sit-ups.

  8. AFFIRMATIONS:  I now have two… 1) Define the result 2) Why? 3) What actions

    1. To be number one on Google for the search term “Free Mini Leagues”. I will use this traffic as a feed to the top of my sales funnel for getting new PlanIt-BookIt customers. I am committed to making the PlanItBookIt website the best in class and to making it work as a sales funnel as per all the guidelines that I have learned from reading books from Russell Brunson. I may also need to grow my community through Facebook and social media connections, possibly contacting clubs directly with my mini-league lead magnet. In order for PlanIt-BookIt to be best in class and capture the Padel and other doubles court-based activities I also need to ensure that up to four people can be booked on the system per court.

    2. To ensure that I lose 21 pounds and get down to 224 pounds so that I look and feel better I am 100 percent committed to eating in an eight-hour window, avoiding carbohydrates, and playing squash or racquetball 3 to 4 times a week.

    3. To earn enough monthly revenue from this website for it to be able to cover the hosting costs and my time building it. I will do this by posting articles and my efforts on it daily to build up traffic.


  9. VISUALIZATION: Visualize the actions I need to perform

  10. Learn Spanish using my Duolingo app

  11. READ: Get my reading done early, as so far I’ve been missing it out or only reading a couple of pages. Aim for 10% of a Kindle book which is one book every 10 days, or approx. 3 books a month

  12. SCRIBE: Write about what you’ve just read and learned and write throughout the day in your journal about what you’re working on etc. and how it’s going. Also, try and reflect on how things went.

  13. Do Bing rewards – my son uses the points to get free gaming subscriptions

  14. Check investments and update my spreadsheet of investments that I hold.

  15. Do email

  16. Do Money

  17. Plan evening meal

  18. Check website traffic, trending up?

  19. Do the actions you set in place from your affirmations.


For my silence I simply do appox. 15 minutes of Wim Hoff breathing techniques.


Notes for how to create…
  1. Define what result you want to accomplish. We don’t get what we want, we get what we are committed to! Write a specific result or outcome that you want to happen – a challenge that significantly improves your life that your ready and committed to doing now. Even if not sure how to do it
  2. Why is accomplishing it important. The compelling reason why you’re willing to stay committed. loc 631 kindle
  3. What specific actions are required to produce a result. You affirm what you are committed to doing. Clarify the specific action, activity, or habit that is required to achieve your ideal outcome. When and how often will you execute it? Frequency, quantity, and precise time frames. Examples loc 638 kindle
  4. When (what specific date/time are you going to commit to taking the actions
Define what result: To be number one on Google for the search term “Free Mini Leagues”
Why: So that I can use the traffic as a feed to the top of my sales funnel, which will aim at getting new PlanIt-BookIt customers.
What actions: Make the PlanIt-BookIt website into a best in class sales funnel.

Define what result: Get a new squash club on board
Why: To increase revenue
What actions: 1) Turn the PlanIt-BookIt Website into a best in class Sales Funnel, 2) Build a community through madaboutsquash, Facebook and Linked In, make 5 connections per day to new clubs 3) Use the sales funnel that I mentioned above.
To ensure that I get a new squash club as a customer of PlanIt-BookIt and therefore increase revenue, I am committed to making the PlanIt-BookIt website best in class, growing my community through madaboutsquash and Facebook and making 5 connections per day to new clubs, between 11am and 12am.
Define what result: Lose 24 Pounds (11KG) and get down to 16 Stone
Why: I’m fat! Look better in clothes, fit into clothes that have appeared to have shrunk in the wardrobe!
What actions: Keep a daily food diary, cut our carbohydrates, when I’m out of isolation and allowed to leave the house again, go back to playing Racquetball 3 to 4 times per week
To ensure that I lose 24 pounds and get down to 16 stone so that I look and feel better I am 100 percent committed to eating in an eight hour window, avoiding carbohydrates and playing squash or racquetball 3 to 4 times a week when I am allowed to do so again
To Do: I could do to create one for eBaying all our unused bikes that are in the garage and for getting rid of all of my old technical devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)

When you have your affirmations, recite them every morning with emotion. Feel its truth, feel the excitement and the determination. Who do you need to become?

Action: Schedule time each morning to read your affirmations. Put them on a card and display them somewhere that you will be able to see them often.

Constantly update, amend and evolve your affirmations.

It can be a good idea to have one for:

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Relationships
  • Parenting


After reading out your affirmations visualize the specific actions that are necessary for your long and short-term goals.
Breathe deeply, close your eyes and clear your mind, let go of any limitations now visualize what you really want. Involve all senses. Make the vision vivid. Visualize flawless execution in a clear mental picture doing precisely what you need to achieve, with confidence and enjoyment. Engaged in the actions… Exercising, writing, selling, presenting, public speaking, making calls, sending emails, etc.


It’s important for health, concentration and a clear mind. Make time for it every morning. My ideas are press-ups, sit-ups, yoga on the subscription website that we currently pay for and running or walking on my treadmill.


Use books as your mentors, make time for reading it will save you time and make you money in the long run


I now scribe daily – my thoughts, my ideas, my daily activities, my food diary, etc. I keep networked notes in my LogSeq tool and then copy the most useful ones into My Daily Journal on this website.

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