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Team Building

A warm welcome to the team building section of the web site including a collection of articles on this important subject area.

Building Effective Teams

Good leadership often starts with the building of an effective team. If you can surround yourself with a strong diverse team with differing yet complimentary skill sets then you are in a good position for driving value and achieving results for your organisation.

team building

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Company Hierarchy

The traditional company hierarchy is losing importance rapidly – of course there is always going to be a requirement for some form of reporting line for assessments and appraisals, etc. But new organisational structures are much more flexible and based around the prioritized projects.

Horizontal Organization Structure

What’s more common these days is the flat or horizontal organization structure. This structure is often associated with high performing teams. Why? Because whereas the hierarchical structure focuses on the boss. The horizontal structure is more focused on the tasks in hand and the team members are more empowered.

Power Trap

Perhaps you are a senior leader or an executive. If so don’t get caught in a power trap. Keep in communication with your employees that run your day-to-day operations enable them to understand your goals, objectives and ultimate vision for the organisation.

Team Collaboration

Not convinced that your team are collaborating effectively? Are you ensuring that everyone feels involved and included. Are all able to equally voice their opinions and ideas. Read team collaboration for more ideas you may want to consider.

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