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Personal Development

A warm welcome to the personal development section of the web site.

I intend to devote this section of the site entirely to areas of self development. This is a booming topic as most people are keen to improve themselves as individuals.

personal development

Personal development is self development. It is where you take full responsibility for your own learning. You plan what you’re going to learn, how you’re going to learn and where and when you are going to learn.

There are many reasons why you might consider developing yourself. Including getting ahead in your chosen career by developing or advancing your career based skill and competencies. Or to simply improve your performance and ability in your existing job. Or, you may want to develop yourself in a completely new area or discipline. People often do this if they are planning a change of career or if they are looking to turn a hobby or pastime into a career.

Make Time For Personal Development

People who make time for personal development see results. If you don’t make time for it then you don’t see personal development as a priority – but it should be as people who develop themselves improve their personal relations and job performance.

Self development gives you something to aim for each day and assists you in reaching your personal goals and driving you forward.

Try and set aside at leach 30 minutes each day for developing yourself. Personal development needs to be exercised every day in order to produce effective results.

Try and focus on areas that you are passionate about as these will keep you motivated. Read up on your chosen subject or do an online course or perhaps you can learn something by watching a you tube video online.

Another excellent means for developing oneself is to collaborate with other experts in your chosen field. Chat to work colleagues who inspire you or connect with new people using social media sites such as twitter.

Write down you development goals and then share them with someone. Ask that individual to check up on your progress. This is another great way to keep you motivated.

Self Assessment

Personal development often begins with a self-assessment process. Its a process you undertake to learn more about yourself. It requires you to be fully honest with yourself.

And as a first step you need to evaluate your current level of self development. Are focusing enough on improving yourself or do you need to set aside more time each day?

Here you ask yourself a number of questions. You need to assess your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to what area you are developing. So if you are trying to develop yourself as a leader then you might question:

How effective you are at listening?
How good are your communication skills?
Are you a good coach / mentor?
Are you an effective motivator?
Are you organized?
Do you manage your time well / able to effectively prioritize tasks?
Etc. etc.

pen and paper

Now for some articles…

Start Your Personal Development Plan By Increasing Your Energy Levels

To start with I have put together an article for all of us out there that are beginning to feel a little lethargic or those who are finding that they don’t quite have enough time in the day to eat properly or take appropriate exercise. The article is basically a how to increase energy levels to do list please take a look, I hope some of the ideas make you feel a little more energized!

Become more productive at work

Productivity is good for your mind, your career and your bank balance! So start to become more productive at work today! This article gives you a few points to consider that might just make you a little more productive.

Manage Your Time

Being able to effectively manage your time is key to personal development. See how to manage your time effectively with this set of articles on time management.

manage time

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