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A warm welcome to the motivating part of the web site.

Being able to motivate your team and even yourself is important for any leader. In this section of the web site I intend to incorporate a number of articles all related to this very important.

Define Motivation

With any article on motivating it is probably good to starts with just how to define motivation. One way to define motivation is in terms of the choices that people make amongst competing alternatives and the intensity and persistence of effort they invest.

One simple but effective definition for motivation put forward by Chopra (2002) is “Motivation is getting the correct things done through people willingly.”

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Motivation For Employees

When considering motivation for employees a “telling-off” rarely kickstarts action. A better tactic is to analyse the performance area to be improved.

motivation for employees

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Positive Recognition

Few of us give out much positive recognition. Yet recognition can be an extremely good means of motivating your team and those around you. This article gives some guidelines to help you be more regular and consistent with your recognition and gives you some pointers about what not to do when recognising someone.


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Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational leadership is about making everyone feel valued, appreciated and important. Inspirational leaders drive everyone towards a shared, agreed upon vision. Inspiration is one of the foundations of good leadership.


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Motivating Quotes

One quick and easy way to motivate yourself is to simply read through some motivating quotes. Take a look at the collection I have put together while continuing my research on management, leadership, development and motivation. There might be something in there that kick starts you into action!

motivational quotes

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Motivational Books

If you really want to get to know a subject inside out then one good strategy is to read extensively. To help you get started I’ve put together a list of excellent motivational books. This list includes books to motivate you and books to enable you to learn more about motivation. If you want to purchase any of the books listed then the links below the book descriptions direct you through to Amazon. Enjoy!

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