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Leadership Skills

A warm welcome to the leadership skills page. On this page, I intend to post a number of articles on leadership skills, qualities, traits, and characteristics.

What Are Leadership Skills?

To start with and particularly if you’re new to leadership then you might just be wondering what exactly leadership skills are? This article attempts to explain.

Executive leadership training programs

Executive leadership training programs can be just the thing for bringing your leadership skills up to date. Leadership thoughts, methods, and theories are constantly evolving. Ensure your leadership skills are current by taking an executive refresher course.

Leadership Characteristics

Read this article to find out if there are a set of leadership characteristics that ultimately define a good leader.


I would say that most be people like to see the enthusiasm in others. Being enthusiastic in all that you do is a great means of getting on in your career and in life in general. Enthusiasm usually goes hand in hand with a passion so always try and align your career aspirations with something that you are passionate about.

Empowering Others

Often leadership is simply about empowering others. People dislike being told what to do so empower your team to solve their own problems. There is little more rewarding than being part of a team that has been given the go-ahead by a manager to find their own solutions to a problem domain and then allowed to try and bring that solution to a successful conclusion.

Leadership Skills List

The leadership skills list article is exactly what it says on the box. Simply a list of leadership skills. Take a look, where are you already strong? What needs further development?

Leadership Basics

The leadership basics article provides details of the basic key elements of great leadership.

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