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Leadership Skills List

A warm welcome to the leadership skills list section of the web site. On this page, I list the skills or qualities that are often attributed to effective leadership.

Leaders ultimately have to get others to reach a common goal or reach some future state or vision. Leadership is about influencing the thoughts, views, and actions of others. This is usually done either by leading by example or by the effective communication of ideas.

leadership skills list

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So the above brings us to the first two or three leadership skills on our list, that of being able to effectively communicate, motivate, and influence. See below for other leadership skills and qualities.

The Leadership Skills and Qualities List…

  1. Communicate
  2. Motivate
  3. Influence
  4. Honesty
  5. Integrity
  6. Ability to Delegate
  7. Commitment
  8. Confidence
  9. Sense of Humor
  10. Creative
  11. Innovative
  12. Positive Attitude
  13. Intuitive
  14. Problem Solving
  15. Negotiating
  16. Time Management
  17. Stress Management
  18. Presenting
  19. Emotional Intelligence
  20. Organizational
  21. Project Planning
  22. Project Management
  23. Strategic Thinking
  24. Strategic Planning
  25. Able to Prioritize
  26. Risk Management
  27. Self Motivation
  28. Ability to Self Evaluate
  29. Coach
  30. Mentor
  31. Charismatic
  32. Empathetic
  33. Assertive
  34. Active Listening
  35. Building Rapport
  36. Effective Speaking
  37. Change Agent
  38. Customer-Centric
  39. Quality focused
  40. Tech-savvy
  41. Statistics
  42. Continuous Improvement
  43. Finance
  44. Marketing
  45. Social Media
  46. Visionary
  47. Relevant Professional Knowledge
  48. Awareness of internal and external events
  49. Analytical
  50. Proactive
  51. Mentally Agile
  52. Continued Learner
  53. Able to Budget
  54. Hard worker
  55. Coordinate
  56. Enthusiastic
  57. Determined
  58. Can Benchmark
  59. Tough
  60. Results Driven
  61. Achievement Focused
  62. Ability to Develop Others
  63. Flexible
  64. Troubleshooter
  65. Strong Team Player
  66. Cost Driven
  67. Decisive
  68. Able to Empower
  69. Interviewing
  70. Conflict Management
  71. Crisis Management
  72. Culture Management
  73. Able to Run Effective Meetings
  74. Clear Thinker
  75. Implementer
  76. Growth Mindset
  77. Attentive

Which of these are you currently strong at? Which ones do you need to work on improving?

Obviously this isn’t a definitive list. If I’ve left any out then please let me know via the comments section further down the page and I will add at a later date. I’d love to try and get to one hundred!

If you currently lead a team then share this list with your team. See if they can add to the list. Any good ones then please remember to share with me! Also get them to consider characteristics that are not leadership skills.

Which members of your team are strong at which skills? Thinking of all of your team do you have all of the skills covered or are there gaps? A team full of highly creative types may come up with many ideas but achieve nothing. Teams need the right balance of skills. Try to beat this in mind when forming new teams for future projects.


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