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Creative Leaders

Creative leaders encourage creativity. They understand just what is required to provide a climate for creativity to flow.

Characteristics of Creative Leaders

Such leaders exhibit many of the following characteristics:

  • An awareness of their employees strengths, skill-sets, needs and expectations.
  • An ability to inspire confidence in others. They praise, mentor and support without controlling or micro managing.creative leaders

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  • An ability and enthusiasm to step up to and champion the big, creative projects.
  • An understanding of how best to promote and recognise their team members.
  • A respect for individual and cultural differences.
  • Have an understanding of the importance of diverse teams.
  • Have strong knowledge in their chosen field of expertise are know as subject matter experts to others and are called upon for advice, help and information.
  • Strong communicators
  • They have an good understanding of the creative process.
  • A trust in their employees to get the job done. Making them responsible and giving them support, encouragement and resources as required.
  • A willingness to take calculated risks. Enables subordinates to take risks too.
  • Celebrates failure as well as success.
  • Build self esteem and confidence in others.


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