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Enthusiasm, Be An Enthusiastic Leader Now


When it comes to leadership, enthusiasm can often be more important than professional skill. Personal success in all forms of leadership often boils down to your enthusiasm.

Words that spring to mind that express enthusiasm include eagerness, excitement, inspire, stimulating, intense, interested, passion, zest, etc.

enthusiasm in leadership



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The Secret Of Success

Enthusiasm is thought to be the recognized secret of success. If you are considering two people side by side for a position of employment and both have similar intelligence, abilities, and skills. You will almost always opt for the more enthusiastic of the two.

In fact, it is likely that you might choose a more enthusiastic individual over a more qualified and skilled but less enthusiastic individual.

Enthusiasm is no substitute for intelligence, appreciation, or other qualities that you can associate with generating success. But when added to your existing skills and qualifications it can often make that extra bit of difference that is required to succeed in almost any endeavor.

Be Passionate

If you are passionate about something then it is generally easier to be enthusiastic. So focus on your passions, have fun and your enthusiasm should naturally appear.

Enthusiastic Leaders

Enthusiastic leaders are able to make visions come alive. They do this by being inspirational, and passionate and by breathing life into the vision via their enthusiasm and energy. Enthusiasm is infectious and makes leaders more credible. It’s the exact opposite of being dull and boring. It’s the enthusiastic transmission of energy that brings a vision to life for the leader’s followers.

To tap into your own energy and enthusiasm for a vision you have to determine what excites you most about the vision. What parts of it have the most meaning for you? What gives you a buzz? You need to have so much of a buzz that you can talk to people excitedly about it. Get excited and then get others excited so that you can breathe life into the vision.

How can I be a more enthusiastic leader?

If you want to be a more enthusiastic leader then start by trying to be more passionate about your work. Try and set an example for others to follow. Give regular praise when team members do a good job and encourage them to be excited about the work that they do. You will find this easier if you provide your team with tasks that closely match both their strengths and passions. Overall, try and create a positive work environment where everyone feels they are adding value and are feeling enthusiastic and motivated about the projects or tasks at hand.

Enthusiasm Quote

To conclude here is an excellent quote by Douglas MacArthur who was an army general…

“You are as young as your face, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”

Enthusiasm In Leadership Posts

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Remember, enthusiasm isn’t just a bonus—it’s an essential quality that drives success and inspires others to follow your lead. So keep that fire burning by reading some more posts on the subject below! 🔥


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