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Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset means that you’re not just focussed on the here and now. You’re not overly concerned of how your superiors are perceiving you at that particular moment in time.

The Growth Mindset Plans Far Ahead And Is A Continuous Learner

You’re more focussed on the long term health of your organisation, rather than short term results. You have a strong mix of leadership characteristics including a desire to be always learning and developing yourself as a leader. You love learning and don’t pretend to have all of the answers.

Challenge yourself and your team to learn something new that advances you in some form or another. Try and do this on a weekly basis. Share what you have learnt with each other so that you can grow both individually and as a team.

Values People

Having a growth mindset means that you value your people and are committed to helping them develop and achieve. You coach and mentor and stretch people to go beyond themselves and to think differently.

growth mindset

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Is Fact Based

You are energetic and fact based. Facts always come before any personal bias or gut feel. You deal with the reality regardless of whether it is good or bad.

Promotes A Culture Of “We”

Growth mindset leaders promote a culture of “we” rather than “me”. They are visionary and focus on building effective teams. Team members are bought into the vision and feel collectively responsible for the goals and objectives of the team as a whole. They plan for the future rather than simply focussing on today’s numbers alone.

Fixed Mindset

The opposite of growth mindset is fixed mindset. Fixed mindset leaders tend to be focussed on themselves. They want to look good to their superiors immediately. They are predominantly focussed on the short term.

Are you a growth mindset leader or a fixed mindset leader?

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