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Leadership That Gets Results

A warm welcome to the leadership that gets results section of the web site.

Is your leadership not producing the results you anticipated? Do you find yourself pushing your team members perhaps a little too hard as a result?

Don’t Push Ask Questions

Perhaps, instead of pushing, you need to take a step back and start asking questions. Why are results not as expected? How does your team feel about the work or projects they are tasked with? Are they as passionate and as bought in to the work as you are? Do they clearly know and understand your vision for the future? Spend time simply observing, does the body language and mood of your team tell you anything?

Leadership that gets results

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You need to be a little curious about how things are actually being perceived. How does your team view you as a leader? How do you view yourself as a leader? Do the views match? Do you need to learn or update some of your leadership skills? Do you need to change any of your behaviors? Questioning enables you to learn and get to the root of what is going on with your team.

Be Open With Your Team

Communicate often and clearly. Pushing your team harder is rarely the best answer. Most people will naturally give 110% if they understand the importance of the work that they are doing and the work has a close match with their individual skill-sets.

Listen, watch, question, mentor, coach, guide and learn from your staff. Be careful when applying pressure, it can either back fire and reduce motivation or result in a stressed team of employees.

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