Follow your dreams today. Think of your dreams as powerful forms of energy. Write them down. Shout them out loud. Share them with your close friends and family. Start acting on them now!

Write Your Dreams Down

Writing your dreams down is a great first start towards achieving them. For example, say you\’ve always dreamed of writing a book. Pull out a journal or notebook and write it down. What is your book about? What topics will it cover? Write them down too. Next share your dream with others.

Share Your Dreams

Sharing enhances energy as it helps with commitment and motivation. It also helps in terms of other people helping you. Back to the book example, perhaps someone in your family could help you proofread the manuscript? Maybe you have an arty friend who can help you with the book\’s artwork?

Dreams start in an incubator type stage. This is where you are still forming and mapping out the dream.

As you write down and share your dream with others it will start to become clearer as to what exactly you need to do to begin to make it a reality.